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The Hidden Curriculum of Campus Rape Prevention Education

With the new federal mandate that all colleges and universities receiving federal funds provide all new students and employees rape prevention education it’s critical that we examine what counts as “prevention” and ask why self-defense training is absent from the concept of prevention.  This short video makes the argument that excluding self-defense results in a HIDDEN CURRICULUM we must challenge.

Bystander Training without Self-Defense Training: Teaching Protection of Others without Teaching Self-Protection

Sociologist Jennifer Carlson (who also published in our 2014 special issue of Violence Against Women) has a new book called Citizen Protectors: The Everyday Politics of Guns in an Age of Decline (Oxford University Press, 2015).  In this engaging read Carlson argues that today’s advocates for carrying guns do not just embrace a right to self-defense but the moral obligation to protect fellow citizens.  We agree with Prof. Carlson that both extreme pro-gun and extreme anti-gun groups frame women as helpless, ignoring the efficacy of unarmed self-defense strategies in women’s lives.  And while some debate whether they carry a gun only to defend themselves or also to defend fellow citizens (including strangers), in light of the citizen-protector model we find the current fad on college campuses of teaching bystander-intervention techniques interesting.  Bystander-intervention programs teach people to intervene to stop acts of interpersonal violence they witness in progress.  Such bystander intervention is touted as the way to teach responsible community membership.  But these programs would do well to consider a balance of protecting others as good samaritans and protecting one’s self.  We therefore see it as extremely short-sighted for college campuses to champion bystander-intervention training without also championing self-defense training for those most likely to need to intervene on their own behalf.

Video: One Photo, Six Words on Self-Defense

1 photo, 6 words:  Self defense IS sexual violence PREVENTION!  #seejanefightback  We asked, you delivered!  Here is our video –a response to the CDC’s “Veto Violence” video.

In March 2015, the CDC put out their “1 photo, 6 words”:  #VetoViolence video, to tell the public-health story of preventing violence against women by stringing together some of the photos people posted under the hashtag #VetoViolence with six words about preventing sexual assault. While we agree with statements in that video such as “Violence against women is not cool”, “Gender equality should be the norm”, self-defense was COMPLETELY ABSENT from their story.  But self-defense IS ABSOLUTELY PART OF the public-health approach to preventing violence against women.

Thanks to all of you who sent us your photo with six words about self-defense for #seejanefightback!!!

Watch our one-minute video here!

And, keep the images coming– just post to your own Facebook page with the hashtag #seejanefightback.

Your Official Bad-Ass Kick-Ass Warrior Name

If you already know your “porn name” (name of your first pet + name of the street you grew up on) or your rap star name, you probably ought to know your official bad-ass kick-ass warrior name, courtesy of See Jane Fight Back.

Start with The Great and then + the first 3 letters of your first name + zilla; then take the first 3 letters of your last name + titude.

And thus, Jill Cermele becomes The Great Jilzilla Certitude. And you really can’t get more kick ass than that.  But your own name will be bad ass, too.  Please let us know what it is or post it to Facebook.  We’ll find it if you just include #seejanefightback.


Don’t Say No, Say Bud Light; or, This Date Rape’s For You

Thank goodness reason and the 21st Century came to Anheuser-Busch InBev, and they dropped their Bud Light bottle label with the wide blue band announcing, “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.”


Apparently, drinking Bud Light means you’re “#up for whatever” and the Bud Light bottle made it clear that you’re supposed to be up for whatever a man feels like doing to you.

Well, it’s over now. And no doubt somebody at Budweiser has now been fired. Too bad they hadn’t talked to us. We’d have been happy to come up with a slogan for the beer bottle label that would increase, not decrease, Bud Light’s share of the female market.

But perhaps our time would be better spent reaching out to companies that market energy drinks and energy bars. . . . May we suggest:


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