Video: One Photo, Six Words on Self-Defense

1 photo, 6 words:  Self defense IS sexual violence PREVENTION!  #seejanefightback  We asked, you delivered!  Here is our video –a response to the CDC’s “Veto Violence” video.

In March 2015, the CDC put out their “1 photo, 6 words”:  #VetoViolence video, to tell the public-health story of preventing violence against women by stringing together some of the photos people posted under the hashtag #VetoViolence with six words about preventing sexual assault. While we agree with statements in that video such as “Violence against women is not cool”, “Gender equality should be the norm”, self-defense was COMPLETELY ABSENT from their story.  But self-defense IS ABSOLUTELY PART OF the public-health approach to preventing violence against women.

Thanks to all of you who sent us your photo with six words about self-defense for #seejanefightback!!!

Watch our one-minute video here!

And, keep the images coming– just post to your own Facebook page with the hashtag #seejanefightback.

2 responses

  1. Very good message. I particularly like the closing phrase: self-defense is sexual assault prevention

  2. Excellent! We are going to post a link this video on our social media.

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