Announcing See Jane Fight Back 2.0

IMG_4935 (1)An Open Letter to Our Many Friends in the Blogosphere (but not including the guys who keep sending us dick pics):

We began the See Jane Fight Back blog to share scholarship on women’s self-defense and sexual assault prevention, and to encourage data-driven solutions with sexual assault  prevention educators and the media.  See Jane Fight Back (SJFB) uses humor and  sarcasm to make serious comments about self-defense and its relationship to feminism. As such, SJFB  is an educational networked teaching and learning website for the public, as well as a rockin’ good time. 
Thus far, with the exception of one awesome guest post, only its creators (Jill and Martha) have posted content to SJFB–83 posts, wow!  Now entering SJFB’s sixth year, we are launching SJFB 2.0–providing more user-generated content.  We envision webinars and other workshops, and overall a public platform for academic research and research-informed practice.  We wish to invite university scholars and students who want to publish on SJFB to submit original blog posts in any one of  the following categories:
–Open Letters to People or Organizations, Real or Imaginary
–Bad Practices &  Policies
–From Wound to Warrior  (first-person stories)
–Reviews of Books, Websites, Exhibitions, or Films
The logistics: 
  • Must be between 200 and 1,000 words in length
  • Contributor must be academic (sorry, we love non-academics and self-defense practitioners but the point of our blog is the scholarship on self-defense)
  • Must be rooted in, or about, the scholarship on self-defense applied to a current issue
  • Must not violate copyright
  • Must not be published elsewhere, although we are OK with simultaneous posts (e.g., published here and published on your own blog on same date)
  • Humor and creativity are encouraged!
  • No dick pics

How to submit:  Send submissions by email to We promise to get back to you within 30 days.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Jill & Martha, aka SJFB 1.0


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