See Jane Fight Back

3 responses

  1. Well spoken. As a school former principal and currently an educational consultant, I have clipped your article to distribute to teachers and, through them, to parents and students.

  2. This is great! Be your own bystander! Most efficient.

  3. All absolutely true statements but from recent past experience women that are in favor of self defense training are generally not willing to commit the time and money to obtain it. Like many things the majority like the “idea” of self defense training but not necessarily with actually doing it. I would add that we see the same thing with men. At a recent police department meeting the only crime category in our area that is increasing is Sex Related Crimes, where women are predominately the victim. The department Chief stated “There’s not much we can do about it”. I disagree, advocate for women’s personal self defense training! Glad to see someone is trying to change peoples view on this topic.

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