See Jane Fight Back is a mediated and mediatized effort to share the scholarship on women’s self-defense created by Drs. Jill Cermele and Martha McCaughey.  SJFB blends humor and research, creativity and stuffy academic studies, offline and online efforts, to cover:  research on women’s self-defense as it comes out; all the instances of people ignoring what we already know about the effectiveness of women’s self-defense; and self-defense as part of rape prevention education.

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  1. Dear See Jane Fight Back contributors,

    I was recently introduced to your fantastic blog and I wanted to introduce myself. I am a junior scholar of South Asian literature (PhD Candidate at the University of Chicago). But I also write about Self Defense and Violence Prevention issues from a activist perspective. I maintain a blog (http://travelingwhilefemale.blogspot.com/) on issues of harassment, sexual assault, and more generally violence against women within the South Asian subcontinent. A fellow Self Defense instructor told me you may be interested so I wanted to share my work and introduce myself.

    At the moment I don’t consider myself to be doing scholarly work on Self Defense. My writing in this area was born out of reflections (from my training in empowerment-based Self Defense) on my own experiences of gender-based violence while traveling. I started reaching out to friends and colleagues (both ‘foreign’ and South Asian) to learn about their experiences as well and began writing. So my blog began with an emphasis on activism and education for the sake of students and colleagues who will travel abroad, but my writing and engagement has started to expand outward to including writing about larger issues such as violence against women in India. I’m a practitioner of Seido karate, and I’ve been assisting for Self Defense classes through my dojo in the Chicago area (Thousand Waves Martial Arts) for several years and will be co-teaching my first class end of June. I have additionally done consultant work for a sister dojo’s Self Defense program in Delhi. I’ve been recently involved in consulting work for the American Institute for Indian Studies, and my blog is starting to become well-known within my field as a pedagogical resource for preparing students for travel, so this work has become an aspect of my scholarly identity as well.

    I really just wanted to reach out and thank you for the work you do and let you know you have another scholar supporter/activist. I linked your blog from my site so hopefully my readers will also be able to see the work you all do. I look forward to reading more!

    Best wishes,
    Erin Epperson

  2. Martha McCaughey | Reply

    Thank you, Erin!

  3. I’m in the process of creating an online self defense program for colleges and students and would love to chat with you. I think your take and tone are perfect and that’s rare. Feel free to contact me. My current, though soon to change website is at DeviProtectiveOffense.com, in case you’re wondering who the hell I am.

  4. Came across this bit today and immediately thought of your blog: “Consent, Not Actually That Complicated”. The Woman who wrote it makes a brilliant analogy to make it perhaps the most blatantly simple explanation ever spoken.

  5. I’m torn between trying to sound professional, as your work shaped my Master’s thesis on self defence and how it changes people’s ability to *see* (and respond better to!) threats…

    …and fangirling because Oh. My. Gosh. Martha McCaughey and Jill Cermele and ALL THE SELF-DEFENSE SCHOLARS on a blog!

    1. aw, we’re honored that you’re following the blog! send us something you’re writing! xo

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