Yeah, CAROL…

When someone says, “Women shouldn’t have to be able to defend themselves,” and we’re like, “Oh, so you think that the ability to defend themselves is solely the prerogative of men, CAROL?”  #seejanefightback

One response

  1. This ‘I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO do anything about it!’ attitude perplexes me, and only convinces me further that self-defense training should be mandatory in schools. Because if MOST women knew how to do it, then it would become all the more difficult for abusers to pick a target because they would suddenly not be able to tell the difference between those than can and those that can’t. WIN/WIN.
    Besides which, the ones who say this often forget that no matter how much we yell ‘teach men not to rape!’ it will never change the fact that there will ALWAYS BE ABUSERS, MUGGERS,RAPISTS AND MURDERERS. That’s not just pessimism, that’s life. Shit happens. So do shit people. Get over it.
    This is like saying ” I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO GET VACCINES!!!” Well, tough, because the diseases exist whether you like it or not and the best prevention is vaccination. Are you gonna be the one who endangers yourself AND people who CAN’T get vaccinated for the sake of ”I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO!”?
    Just think things through for a minute Carol, instead of spouting a reflexive reaction to actually having to do something yourself….

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