The Sicko Searches that Land People on Our Blog

The wonderful people at WordPress offer statistics to bloggers like us, and bloggers like us use the site’s administrative functions to see how many people have clicked on which blog posts, how many shares on Facebook a post on our site got, etc.  For instance, in 2015 See Jane Fight Back made 45 posts that enjoyed nearly 10,000 views from visitors across 109 countries.  Most people got to the blog from Facebook or Twitter.

One thing people might not realize is that WordPress also tracks the Internet search terms that landed someone on our blog.  As it turns out, given the contents of a blog on women’s self-defense, some who land here at Château Jane were actually looking for sex videos involving rape and girls fighting, the grabbing of testicles, and sometimes simply “hot slutty Jane”.

So, although we may have disappointed those Internet surfers by failing to provide an eroticized Jane or testicle grabbing, we like to think these folks got a little taste of the way in which women use self-defense to refuse the position of sexual object for men’s pleasure, and to have sex on the terms they consent to.  That’s our fantasy.


2 responses

  1. I never thought to do this for my blog, and thinking about what you found I don’t think I want to know!

    1. Martha McCaughey | Reply


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