Self-Defense Fashion

Forget those fashion trends known as off-duty model, glamorous lounging, or heroine chic.  They only exploit women’s insecurities.  Now empowerment chic is in. Given how “femvertising” has taken off, we’re surprised that no one has thought of a fashion line in accordance. Geez, do we have to do everything around here?!

We present you with 10 trends and ways to wear them. We have also taken the liberty of selecting our ideal celebs likely to adopt each look. You can click the links or the pictures to see the look more clearly on a new page.

WeekendWarrior01Go Forth Granny - Polyvore-page-001   Suffragette Sleek 01

  1. Weekend Warrior (Man Repeller fashion blogger Leandra Medine)
  2. Go-Forth Granny (designer/model Iris Apfel)
  3. Suffragette Sleek (teen fashion blogger Justine Crawford
  4. Gonna Git You Sucka Casual (singer Tina Turner)
  5. Empowerment-is-the-New-Black (activist/author Gloria Steinem)
  6. Off-Duty Cop (comedian Whoopi Goldberg)
  7. Slut Walking Slick (comedian Amy Schumer)
  8. Sobriety Chic (not a waif? not on drugs? this might be the look for you!) (producer/actor Lena Dunham)
  9. Third-Wave Trendsetter (Instagram fashion guru Eva Chen)
  10. Underwear-as-Outwear-as-Fuckyouwear (singer Lady Gaga)

After all, what is fashion (or blogging) without a faith in the improbable?

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  1. You are having way too much fun with this!

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