Special issue of Violence Against Women: Self Defense Against Sexual Assault



Slated for Publication March 2014 (Vol 20, No. 3)

Table of Contents

Martha McCaughey & Jill Cermele:  Guest Editors’ Introduction

Research Articles

Jocelyn A. Hollander:  Does Self-Defense Training Prevent Violence Against Women?

Jongyeon Tark & Gary Kleck:  Resisting Rape: The Effects of Victim Self-Protection on Rape Completion and Injury

Gianine D. Rosenblum & Lynn S. Taska:  Self-Defense Training as Clinical Intervention for Trauma Survivors

Lisa Speidel:  Exploring The Intersection of Racial and Gender Identity through Self-Defense Training

Leanne R. Brecklin & Rena K. Middendorf:  The Group Dynamics of Women’s Self-Defense Training


Sarah E. Ullman:  Reflections on Researching Rape Resistance

Martha E. Thompson:  Empowering Self-Defense Training

Deborah White & Gethin Rees:  Self-Defense or Undermining the Self?  Exploring the Possibilities and Limitations of a Novel Anti-Rape Technology

Jennifer D. Carlson:  From Gun Politics to Self-defense Politics: A Feminist Critique of the Great Gun Debate

2 responses

  1. […] power, and there’s a strong voice of denial that we could ever effectively protect ourselves—despite evidence that, trained or untrained, women avoid, interrupt and defend against assault all t…. In the valiant effort to hold perpetrators accountable, some activists reduce violence-prevention […]

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